Help with repair/ebay question

  1. I bought the 06 Legacy Shoulder off eBay for a great price. I got it today but it's not new without tags like the auction stated. There are some light dirt spots on the lining. Also as soon as I got it out of the bag I noticed one of the brass pieces by where the shoulder strap attaches is missing (picture below). So my question is should I eat shipping for the return or do you think Coach would be able to fix it? I'm so mad right now! I was so excited to get this bag and it's definitely not as described. :cursing:
    CIMG5120.JPG CIMG5123.JPG
  2. Personally, I'd contact the seller and tell her your concerns. If she will not refund, I'd file SNAD if you paid by Paypal. If you don't mind paying the $20 shipping charge (although a few people haven't been charged this) and waiting 4-8 weeks to get your bag back AND you got it for a REALLY good price, then you might want to go this route. I wouldn't myself. I sell occasionally and buy somewhat regularly on eBay and it would really irritate me to get something not as it was described.
  3. I agree with tanukiki- it is not as described and it should be treated accordingly. However, if you do not feel like dealing with it/can't do anything about it, then I would send it in to Coach repair. As long as it's authentic, it should be repairable.
  4. I think you should go after the seller because it will bug me for sure the way she falsely advertised her purse (new without tag) and be able to get away from it.:cursing:
  5. I agree , go after the seller for your money back!
  6. I should of added that if I go the repair route I would only do so if she was willing to do a partial refund. I'm still waiting on her reply to see what she has to say.