HELP with removing pen marks

  1. Does anyone know what to use to get rid of some pen marks?:s I read on another thread that they used Mr. Clean magic eraser! any advice and ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Mr. Clean works, but I would only use it gently and briefly as it can take the color from the leather off. I've used it to remove permanent marker. I've heard baby wipes and leather cleaner too.
  3. Thanks Thithi
  4. I have always used my sebastian shaper hairspray and a damp cloth....
  5. The Mr. Clean eraser will leave a dull mark on the leather. I used it on a vintage Bottega Veneta, and I about had an attack. The stain (not ink) was gone, but I could see how uneven the sheen of the leather was afterwards.
  6. thanks jill and boxermom. i will try the hairspray and maybe some leather cleaner. i'll keep you posted.:s
  7. I just used Apple Care cleaner for a pen mark on a lighter colored bag and it is almost gone. I think I'll be able to get it out completely over time, but I'm going to give her a rest and lots of conditioning. ;)
  8. I second the apple care cleaner. My father works with leather and says that rubbing alcohol also works but you have to be very careful to not take the finish off.

    He also mentioned that vaseline could do the trick too.
  9. are you talking about pen marks on the leather exterior or pen marks on suede or canvas linings?
  10. someone just posted in the ebay forum that they used apple care cleaner to get off pen on a stella.
  11. I've used oil-free eye makeup remover.
  12. ^^Hmm, that would make sense; maybe I'll try that next time.

    That was me! ;) Forenfinal gave me a link to this thread so I thought I'd update with my success. :yes:
  13. I sent in my bag to Lovin my Bags for some various stuff, so i am looking forward to seeing what they do with the pen marks
  14. funny you mention baby wipes... i use them for everything. those things work wonders! and they're supposely "gentle" for your baby's tooshie. uh-huh!
  15. Does it have to be specifically baby wipes or any kind of 'wet wipes'?