Help with purchasing my first MJ?


Nov 18, 2007
Hey ladies. I am mostly new to MJ and just recently bought my first MBMJ. I have FALLEN in love with the Bruna after seeing one of you ladies posting your pictures and have decided I really want it in raspberry.

Considering I am new to MJ and don't really plan on paying full price, how should I go about navigating to a better deal? Does Sak's/Neiman's/Barney's tend to have sales on these items? Is eBay my best bet? Is waiting for next season the way to go?

I'm aware I'm not going to get the bag for much less than retail ($1295) but any advise on getting a lower price would be welcome!
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Oct 16, 2006
I believe that Saks and Bloomingdales are coming up with their annual friends and family sales in the next weeks or so... that's 20-25% off retail. Search in the deals and steals thread for the actual dates.