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  1. Hey you,

    a while ago I bought some secondhand Louboutins. Unfortunately I soon realised that my feet are a bit too wide for them :sad: So now I would like to sell them and have two questions for you experts:
    1) What style is it? Google gets me different models only.
    2) I would like to sell them for a fair price, but not under value. Maybe you guys can help. They original price apparently was 895€.

    Thanks so much!
    IMG_0838.jpg IMG_0839 2.jpg IMG_0840 2.jpg IMG_0841 2.jpg
  2. Hi there. I’m sorry they don’t fit you. I don’t know the name either but just wanted to advise you that I have not had much luck in getting even half my money back when selling Louboutins. Your best bet I think is to maybe sell it back to where u bought them. U can also check in getting quotes from Fashionophile or another online designer consignment store. Good luck!
  3. The style is Pampas 100. Not sure what to suggest as a price as there aren't many examples of the non-platform (120 - 150) styles out there to make a basis. You could try listing on eBay or Poshmark at what you paid for them, but I too have rarely made back what I paid out for a pair.
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  4. They're actually 120mm. They're based off the same last as the Lady Claude and have a 10mm platform on a 120mm heel. One of my favorite styles that morphed into the Flo and are now both discontinued. This style has a smaller pool of customers, you may have to wait longer to get what you're looking for (depending on what you paid for it). I've noticed that the resale value on Louboutin has gone down over the last few years.
  5. This is going to be a strange question but why is the Louboutin logo on the right shoe in the picture lower down than the left?
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  6. I don’t know anything about this material but are you sure you can’t take it to a cobbler and have them stretched?
  7. This!
  8. I could be wrong, but I think the angle is deceiving. The shoes are not evenly spaced to our eyes, the right shoe is closer to the camera, and in the last pic it is tilted a bit to the right. Looks like the logo is in the same spot on each shoe.
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