Help with potential ebay buyer

  1. I need some advice from some of the experts here on TPF. I'm currently selling two beautiful LV handbags on eBay that are in great condition. My concern is that I just received an email from a potential buyer, but I'm feeling a little uneasy with this buyer. He did offer to do a BIN on both handbags and for just $80.00 off from the total price for both of them. The reason why I feel uneasy is because I looked at his feedback and he does have some negatives, but only two of them. One of the negative feedback responses says he's a con man. And then he told me that he had bought two LV handbags on eBay in the past and they were both fake and I completely understand why he would be upset, but when I looked through his past purchases there is no purchase of any LV handbags. What scares me is that he might do a bait and switch. Both of these handbags are worth more than $3,000. Any advice. Should I just hold out for another offer. Thanks
  2. Trust your gut. Tell him that you don't end your auctions early and don't sell them to him. He might even be using a stolen credit card. To be super safe, block him from your auctions.

    Too often, we try to be nice and polite and then get screwed. If something is telling you something isn't right, you are probably right!
  3. Thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly. I just looked to see if he's currently selling anything and he's selling a used luxury car and it shows this car he's selling in front of his huge home and then shows more pictures of his 8 car garage, which has a Range Rover, Mercedes, Lexus and many other luxury cars. If this is really his home he must be wealthy and why wouldn't he just go to the LV store and buy his wife two brand new LV handbags? I will try to block him and I"m offering a BIN or best offer auction, not just a regular auction. I just hope he doesn't get mad at me now, because in my auction I tell potential bidders to contact Mypoupette to get my handbags verified as authentic and that I will refund them that fee if they win. And in his email he said he had contacted mypoupette and was waiting to hear back from her and then will BIN my two handbags. :cursing:
  4. block him
  5. Definitely don't sell!
  6. Yep, he's a scammer. He is probably listing fake items and will run away with people's money. Keep in mind scammers are out full force during the holiday season.

    And don't you worry about him getting mad, he'll just move on to the next suspecting person. You do NOT have to sell your items to him. Maybe you can contact MyPoupette too and ask if he has contacted them -- I bet he hasn't.

    As long as you block him, he cannot do anything.
  7. Block him. Who cares if he gets mad. As long as he doesn't cheat you.
  8. Thanks again for all of your advice. I just blocked him, so he can't bid on my LV handbags and I will also take your advice about contacting Mypoupette to see if he did contact her. Luckily, I'm not desperate to sell my LV handbags. I love these two that I'm selling and I just don't use them anymore. I have gotten other BIN offers, but I'm not going to take $500 for a $2,000 handbag!!! I can't believe how low some of these offers are. I don't understand why this potential bidders think I would sell a $2,000 handbag for $500. I feel like telling them that only fake LV handbags go for such low prices. Thanks again and hopefully I will be able to sell my Cerise and White MC speedys soon.