Help with Potential Chloe Purchase

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  1. I have recently been looking to purchase my first designer handbag. I was looking a MJ Ursala but decided the handles were too wide for me to grip with my weak small hands. I have always been drawn to the Chloe bags. So I went into Nordstrom and they have some Chloe styles on sale. I really like the Betty, but I prefer the one that has the rings on the zippers. The Betty on sale does not have the rings and the zipper tabs seem like they get stuck and I think I would have the same problem with the Betty's wide handles. Then I saw a Paddington satchel with the big buckle pocket on the front. I had not really considered the paddington only because a lot of people seem to have them. But I liked the shape, hardware and I was surprised how well the color seemed to go with everything. I have attached a picture of the style of the paddington and then another picture of a different paddington, but it is the same color of the I am looking at:


    Concerns: The color -I like it, but have had other (non-Chloe) bags in the beige/camel family and they get marked up pretty easily. So does anyone have experience with the lighter colors? Will I have to worry about? I travel a lot and need a tough bag. The next concern - my first purchase should the color be more classic? Nordstrom has it on sale for $1100. I am not sure what they normally sell for. This is a big purchase for me and I will need the bag to be around for a while or at least until the newer Betty's go on sale! Any suggestions/opinions appreciated!
  2. hi, bare in mind that chloe bags are heavier than other bags.... I have the betty, and the paddy.... I also heard the edith is pretty heavy too..... if u do decide to use a paddy as an everyday bag, I would go with the darker colors most definitely : )
  3. I own both styles of Paddies, and i love both. The small pocket paddy is very comfortable to carry on your shoulder. I tend to wear the regular satchel paddy more in the crook of my arm, though it too can be a shoulder bag. But the pocket paddy has longer straps. That front pocket is also really convenient.

    Taupe is a color you may want to consider. Chloe's taupe is lovely, and it doesn't show dirt or wear easily, yet it looks nice with lighter colors. Maybe look into the pocket paddy in taupe? :idea:

  4. If you are concerned about the light colors getting marked up easily, have you looked at Chloe's chocolate??? It's a beautiful a color, a great neutral, and Chloes look fantastic in chocolate.
  5. I have both the chocolate and the mousse paddy and they are both incredibly durable and comfortable to wear. I was really concerned at first about getting Mousse because it is a lighter color, but have not had any problems at all. However, no one does chocolate better than chloe so that is a really safe bet! And it goes with EVERYTHING!
  6. Thanks everyone for your help! Yes, unfortunately there is only one color paddy on sale. I have to decide if I should hold out for another sale or another color at full price. Great thing with Nordstrom is everything is returnable!
  7. Since you're going to spend so much money on it, I would want to decide if it was exactly what I wanted, before I paid for it! Something else will always come up.
  8. Will Chloe's bag lover post a list of authentic Chloe online merchant so gals like us can check them out (Beside Net a porter and Luisviaroma) Also anyone who had bad experience with on line merchants who claimed that their bags are real but not, list them so we all can avoid them.
    Thanks a millions,
  9. PR19, I have the regular satchel and the pocket paddington in cream (one in a light buttermilk and the pocket satchel in a creamy ivory) both are beautiful. I have not had any problems with these bags getting dirty but of course if you are worried about this get a darker colour paddington.

    I think the paddington pocket satchel is more comfortable to hold than the regular satchel....hope this helps.