Help with posting in the Bag Showcase section

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  1. I've tried twice to start a new thread with photos of my collection, but it doesn't show up. When I click "submit new thread" it takes me straight to the list of active topics, not to the topic I just posted. Can anyone else see it? :huh: I'm confused!

    Oh, wait! I just read that posts are moderated before they're added to the forum. Nevermind :shame:

    Megs or Vlad, I accidentally posted twice, so please delete one of the posts before making it public. Thanks :shame: :biggrin:
  2. Can't wait to see your bag collection !
  3. It's up, take a look :biggrin:
  4. Already did, I should have checked the showcase first ! :shame:
  5. How long should I wait for moderating? 24 hours?