Help with post office money orders

  1. Is collecting money for an auction safe with US Postal money orders? I have a interested party on one of my listings that wants to pay this way instead of confirmed paypal account. She says that I cash it at the post office. Is that true? Is it secure for me and can it be cancelled later as some money orders can? Thank you.
  2. Yes, you can cash it right at the post office, they are actually the only money orders I accept.
  3. Safer than paypal. Cash them before you ship and there can be no chargeback.
  4. :heart:I love buyers who pay via USPS Money order. :yahoo: No Paypal fees and no fear of chargeback!
    If it is for a high dollar amount the PO will probably not be able to cash for you early in the day or at all if they do not have the $$$'s in the register. Just deposit in your bank and wait until it clears if they cannot cash at the PO.
  5. I would think the only downside as a buyer who pays with USPS Money Order is that if you receive an item that is SNAD or never receive the item, you have no recourse whatsoever.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but as a buyer isn't it safer to pay with credit card or Paypal?

    I do see that the OP is a seller, so for her, it is very safe, but for buyers, not so much.
  6. I also love buyers to pay with Postal Money orders - do not ship the bag until the post office can cash it though. There are frauds out there with PO money orders, but you can protect yourself just by getting it cashed first before sending the item. As another member said, go later in the day, as they tend to be low on cash in the morning to pay MO's.
  7. I love USPS money order, I can cash it and ship out the package in one trip.
  8. Now i know another way to get money....:tup:
  9. Postal money orders are great! No PayPal fees! You can cash them at the PO or deposit them into your checking account. I try to only accept USPS money orders, but I've gotten the occasional buyer who doesn't read my listing and sends one from Walmart or other grocery stores. For those I've just called to verify that they were legit and good, and had no problems.
  10. Just make sure of 2 things:

    1) That if it's coming from another country that the money order is for that country (I'm in Canada and you have to send the right one from USPS or I can't cash it).

    2) That your buyer understands that it takes time for the money order to get to you. I know that sounds stupid but I just had a buyer who was mad that it took so long for her to get her item when I was actually waiting to get the payment.
  11. Thank you so much for the great replies. I agree that it is great not to have the paypal charges. They are so much anymore. I will not send until cashed then and I am at the post office (or I should say my wonderful husband who will run those errands for me is) so much of the time anyhow.
    Thanks again.