Help with possible purchase.

  1. Hi ladies,

    I have come for advice and I hope you will be kind. I know nothing about Marc Jacobs handbags. I have just seen the wonderful things posted about them here. I have been a Coach girl up until now, and I am still having issues with convincing myself that it would be okay to shell out $900 for a handbag!
    This would be my (possible) purchase of my very first Marc Jacobs bag. I had seen a picture of the Blake and liked it very, very much. I went into Nordstroms, they had the Venetia (which the SA said was smaller than the Blake) and it was too large for my liking. Someone posted about Bluefly and I saw the espresso calf double strap satchel and it's on sale for $716. I was on the eluxury site and they have the Tina which I love, but it's $895 and although I love the style of the bag, I would want it in black with silver hardware. So I have a few questions:
    - Is the bag what it is, with whatever colour hardware it has, or do they vary it (eluxury has the black with gold hardware - do they make it with silver hardware - this is a make or break item for me, I never, never wear gold jewellery and the gold hardware just does not appeal to me)?
    - Are they seasonal and if I hold off getting the Tina now, I may be out of luck when I want to purchase it?
    - Does anyone have the satchel, I am quite worried about the bag looking very mishapen if I carry anything with any weight it it. With the handles just on top, how could it not drooop? Even just my wallet is heavy.
    - How does MJ leather hold up? Are scuffs easily removed with moisturizing products?

    I very much appreciate any help that you can give me.

    I wish you well,

    Double Strap Satchel.jpg MJ Tina.jpg
  2. I don't own either of these but I gotta say I like the one on the left.
    I have a couple of white bags and they don't go out much because I'm afraid of getting them stained. So if it were me, I would get the brown one - if I was going to use it everyday.
  3. Hi Bridget,

    I tried both Bkake & Venetia in my local stores, Blake is smaller than Venetia & Stam. Blake comes in many colors including Black, Nutmeg (brownish), Putty (greyish), Butter (yellowish), Sweet Pea, Linen, ... If you feel overwhelmed by Blake, you might want to checkout out Elise -- also a satchel with 1 front pocket & 2 side buckles. It's available in regular leather and quilted patent leather. I love them all (Blake, Venetia, Stam, Elise, ...).

    Based on the info on purse forums, MJ bags have gold hardware this season. If you prefer silver hardware, you might have to look for bags from previous seasons. I don't wear gold jelwery as well, the hardware isn't too gold. Denim Blake has Silver hardware.

    Certain styles are released in different colors every season. I'm not sure whether Tina will be one of them.

    I'm told that MJ bags/leathers hold up very well. Other members here might want to give you more details...

    Good luck.
  4. -the venetia (5" x 15" x 9") is actually larger than the blake (8.5" x 13" x 6"). i have the blake, and i love it! i think you should get it in the black with silver hardware.
    -in the past, most of his bags had silver hardware, but more recently he has made over some of them to have gold hardware and quilted patent leather. the colors tend to be seasonal. i'm not familiar with the tina though.
    -mj leather is quite sturdy, imo.
  5. btw, they have the black blake at with the silver hardware.