Help with Popincourt Haut

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  1. Hi! I just bought a Popincourt Haut from a friend. It looks lovely, but one thing freaked me out; it's missing the D-ring on the inside! I've seen the photos of the bag and they've all had it attached on the inside. I'm concerned that the bag may be a fake. Should I be concerned about this? The bag looks completely authentic too. Help! I'm freaking out! :worried:
  2. Can you post some pics? WElcome to the forum!
  3. My PH does have a dring, so I would def question your friend. Post pics for us and we can help you more.
  4. blackbutterfly is correct. They changed that minor design detail on the PH. I personally like the D rings and I try not to buy bags without them.
  5. Everything that should have been said has been, but congrats !! ;)
  6. WOW am I glad I got one with a D Ring, I love mine.
  7. Hrm, I can't actually view the photos without registering..

    And yeah, since it was made after 11/05, no d-ring.
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