Help with pocket squares

  1. so I think my next H purchase is going to be a pocket square, but I'm having such a hard time finding one I like (I don't live near a boutique, and we all know how awful the selection on is...eBay isn't much better).

    Want to post some suggestions for me? (with descriptions or pics if you have them? :graucho:)

    I tend to like ones that are more of a picture (as opposed to the ones with just flowers or whatever scattered over them) and probabaly want to go with a blue or a cream colorway.
  2. The men's department at my local NM has a fantastic selection of H pochettes. They must have had 75-100 the last time I was there and looked. For whatever reason, some NMs will keep a small selection with the 35" carres, and some won't. Many NMs will have pochettes in the men's dept. though. They're all the standard patterns and colors, not just plain and dark.
  3. I had the silk pocket square in the 'Early America' design. The design was lovely but the scarf just didn't suit me; I avoid any white in a scarf now, just can't make it work for me. I sold the scarf on eBay a few months ago, but here are the pics I used on eBay. The colours are not quite what what you are after (although it does have some blue and cream) but it will give you an idea of the pattern. EA does come in different colourways, if you google it, you might be able to find a few more:


    hermes_scarf_early_america.jpg hermes_scarf_early_america2.jpg
  4. yeah, I have no NM here either. I live in the sticks. :hysteric:

    (seriously, the "best" store we have...the one no one shops at because it's "too expensive"? J. Crew. Totally serious.)
  5. ooh, I like this one a lot...the colors would work year round, I think. Kep them coming, ladies. :love:

  6. BG (mens at NYC) had a few bolduc ones in in the blue color way that you may like. Here is a pic of mine:

    (I have the same one in the brown color way too)
  7. Le triples (pink and yellow)
    trip.jpg yell.jpg
  8. Here's some of mine...(in the front of the picture)
  9. I tend to like the horse themed ones for some reason. I have the pink paddock, a black and white zebra and the one I bought today is in grays with a horse and carriage shadow type picture on it. Will take pix later. I have a Triples one coming next week. LOVE pocket squares.