Help with PO Box

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  1. Is it safe to send an item to a po box? I just sold a 400.00 item and got the address of a po box. I will send it fed ex with insurance if possible. I have read that some sellers will not ship to a po box, why? Should I ask for another address? I am supposed to mail out tomorrow morning all help would be great!!
  2. I just sent this to the buyer....what should I do?

    Hi, I just called fed ex and they will not ship to a po box. I also researched that you can not have insurance on a package to a po box. I will need another address to send the item to with someone available to sign for the package. If you would like to cancel your bid I understand and will refund your money. But I can not send this to a po box. Let me know what you decide. Thanks!
  3. I would think you can send it via USPS to a USPS PO Box, insured.
  4. When sending via USPS it can be insured and actually many po boxes are actually confirmed addresses. Is your buyer's address confirmed?
  5. yes it is. I just want to make sure I can send it with insurance and that it will be kept safe not somewhere out in the open.
  6. My address is a verified PO Box and has been for 8 years. I have over 1650 feedback and it has never been an issue for me. If someone wants to send me a Pkg UPS, I just give them my physical address. All of my packages come to me insured by UPS or USPS.

    I'm not sure why PO Boxes are suspect. I live on a back road and I don't want my mail/pkgs dropped off in an unattended box so we bought a Post Office box and pick up all of our mail there. Actually sending to a PO Box is safer as it is in the Post office and it has to be handed to you by the PostMistress.

    If you send to an Unverified address and there is a problem, you will have no paypal protection. But that's laughable in itself, ya know...LOL
  7. Yeah, I have a PO Box and have stuff sent there if I'm not going to be home. That way I know my packages are safe and not sitting on my doorstep/in my mailbox unattended. I don't know why people get worried with PO Boxes.
  8. If it's a confirmed address you should ship it there to be covered by PayPal.

    As far as I know only USPS will take mail to PO Boxes and you should be able to insure it and even get signature confirmation just like a regular address. For the signature confirmations they just put a slip in the box and you have to wait in line to pick it up and sign for it.
  9. I have no problem sending to a p.o. box. I always send it priority USPS and insurance is a must.
  10. nope, its uncomfirmed!
  11. if its unconfirmed then no way would I ship anything over $50.