help with plastic covering over hardware

  1. There is a piece of plastic protecting the large brass plate, but when I tried removing it, I realize it's pinned in by the two brass buttons that I circled in pink. It won't budge unless I tear or cut it, but it can't be this hard, right? I assume that I shouldn't leave the plastic thing on. Am I missing something?

  2. I am not sure what to suggest:confused1: The Ramona's & Riki's have plastic covering the gold locks, but it just peels off and on. I would wait and call the the store tomorrow. I am sure there is a way to remove it without having to unscrew or rip anything.:yes:

    Good luck!
  3. I called, and the SA can't explain why the plastic won't come off :sad: He told me to bring it in, and he'll try to take it off, otherwise, he'll have to look for another bag. I can't use my JC in the meantime, grrr!
  4. I am sorry you might not be able to use your bag as soon as you would like:sad: but I am glad to know that it is a mistake and not meant to be there permanently:confused1:
  5. Ok, been to Jimmy Choo and back. The SA got off as much as he could, but there are still small pieces wedged underneath. They're not noticeable though. He said if I want it completely out, I would have to take it to a shoe repair place, and ask them to remove the brass buttons. That sounded like too much trouble. But anyway, it's ready for use now, yea!
  6. Did he offer you a discount towards this repair?:nogood:
  7. Sadly no, but it's not noticeable anyway unless you lift the leather strap across the front.
  8. That's good - it is B E A U T I F U L !
  9. Thanks! :yahoo:
  10. same thing happened with my miu miu coffer. i had a ton of issues with that bag....=/

    anyway, if it is bothering you, just go at it with a pair of tweezers. this is what i did (and it was the exact same situation...TINY TINY bits of the wrapping) and it worked out perfectly. make sure you sit down with time and patience though, as to avoid scratching the hardware from simply working too quickly.

    lovely bag! congrats!
  11. The SA at the Jimmy Choo store went at it with some tweezers, haha :smile: I don't think I would have enough patience and would DEFINITELY scratch the hardware. I think the remaining little pieces will fall out in time when the brass buttons loosen a little. I bet the Coffer was worth it, that's a great looking bag!