Help with photos

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  1. I'm trying to attach photos, but I keep getting a message that "Upload Failed". As far as I know, they're normal photos, jpeg file, about 2.4 MB. Any ideas? TIA
  2. I think you pics are too big. You will need to resize them. If you have a look at the forum's FAQs you will find an answer. HTH
  3. I thought the size issue might be the problem, but according to the FAQ there should be a prompt for that and they get resized by the attachment manager. There wasn't a prompt. Thanks, any more help?
  4. Try resizing them yourself before uploading or perhaps a photosharing website like Flickr. GL
  5. Yep, they are waaaay too big. Go to Resize2Mail and resize. The maximum size in KB is 195 per photo.

    OR you can use a photo hosting company and upload your photos there. I use Image Cave sometimes. It's free for a minimum amount of photos. If you post from there, there is not a size limit but still your photos are way too big. You can resize there after uploading. Use Manage Image which is right there with your thumbnail. Use the E-Z code from Image Cave to post in your posting box. There will be at the front and [/ IMG] at the end of the link.

    I hope this makes sense!! If not, keep asking... we're glad to help!!
  6. Thanks all. I'm terrible at this stuff (have a mental block with technology). DH did the heavy lifting. I didn't get all the shots up, but a few. I really appreciate your quick responses.