HELP with photos of modern bob please!

  1. hey ladies i was wondering if you could help me out by posting clear photos of celebrities that have straight/slightly wavy hair in a bob-length (almost shoulder length-ish style) that you think is attractive. my mother's looking to get her hair cut and she always wants me to find a photo for her but i'm honestly never sure what to go with. she's in her early 50's, but looks at least ten years younger, is tall and slim, and loves fashion. her hair at the moment is almost shoulder length and layered with side-swept bangs, and has a slight wave to it although she usually straightens it. any help would be most appreciated! :tup: TIA!! :balloon:
  2. here are some angled bobs to help
  3. oooh thanks ichelle those are some great photos! :tup: i especially love the rhianna haircut it's so sleek and smooth looking. and on a side note i love your GHD thread i haven't been able to stop lusting after one since i saw how your hair turned out :push:.
  4. yes i love rhianna's cut. ooh u will look nice.
  5. Oh man I wish I could find a picture of the one I got. I hate it because my hair is wavy and doesn't sit nice after an hour or so but bobs are just so cute! Mine looks sort of like Rihanna's but it's a little longer and more layered.
  6. no problem :smile: good luck with the cut! and thanks for the kind word about my ghd :biggrin:
  7. Vic has THE perfect facial structure for that kind of do.
  8. What face shape/characteristics make this angled bob flattering? Trying to determine if I'll put in some long angled layers in my hair, and I don't want to look silly if it doesn't flatter my face shape. Thanks for the help!
  9. Sarah Jessica Parker in the later seasons of Sex and the City had a really sexy wavy bob. I can't find any pic though!
  10. oooh i'd love to see that it sounds pretty!

    here're a few more that i think are pretty as well.....

  11. I love Jenny McCarthys cut. Rihanna is a close second. I must say this though. This past weekend I was at a club and this girl had her hair just like Rihanna and her face did not suit it. If you have high cheekbones, this is a great cut. If your face is too round, stick to a less severe cut. If I were going to do this type of cut, I would start longer like Jennys. I also love Ellen Barkins cut with the bangs. Jenna Jameson had a great bob too. It's the only that looks normal on her now.