help with pedi/mani colors

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  1. I'm going to have a pedicure today. I was going to bring my own OPI color...either I'm Wired or Give Me A Coral Sometime.
    Then I decided to get a manicure as well. Usually I keep my fingers light neutral (sheer color) and short. I now have a tiny bit of length on them and thought maybe if I'm having a pro do them, I should go with a color. I like red on short nails.....seems like red is more up-to-date on short nails than coral colors?
    But I don't think I'd do red fingers and coral toes.
    So I guess I'd go with the coral (I'm Wired) on toes and light nails

    or red on both toes and fingers?

    if red, then what's a good red for pale skin? OPI red? (I have I'm Not Really a Waitress...don't want to use that one this time)

    thanks for any advice
  2. I love give me a coral sometime, I think that would look great on nails for fall.

    All my OPI reds are pretty dark, I like an Affair in Red Square though.
  3. I like Got The Blues for Red by OPI.
  4. thank you Babe and Jordan
  5. I like Comet Love Cupid on pale skin :smile:
  6. I just did my nails with a coral/salmon lighter color for fall. I like the way it turned out.
    Frankly, all of the colors and combos you mentioned sound good to me! I know I'm of no help, but the bottom line is I think anything along those lines will work well for you.
  7. I went with I'm Wired on fingers and toes. Lovin the color on my hands for a change.