Help with pearls from Lipstick Jungle!

  1. Hi all!
    I was watching Lipstick Jungle last week (2nd episode of the season) and I saw Victory (Lindsay Price) wearing these gorgeous pearl earrings!!

    Can anyone help me find something similar? I looked all over and I find the style all over the place except the pearls aren't quite as large as the ones on Lipstick Jungle...

    It looks like they have some diamond stuff toward the top with gold posts....and the jumbo pearls are "dangling" below the ear (sorry, i can't find better words to describe them :smile: )

    3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg
  2. Sorry I can't help but those earrings are gorgeous!
  3. looks like 16 mm ++ south sea pearls (or fake ones) you can get them at every major jewelry house either in programm or custom made
    if you have a good renowned local jeweler also worth a try
  4. I have no idea, but they're really stunning.
  5. They are a pretty classic style, you could find real or faux almost anywhere.

    Just a tip though, unless you have a perfectly round face, baroque pearls are much more flattering.
  6. i know the style is classic, i just can't find them in the 16mm+ size
  7. Yes, I believe this is the pair of earrings. The total length of the earrings as stated on the website is 1.5 inches. For such a simple pair of earrings to be this long, the size of the pearl must be huge. Even a 16mm south sea pearl will not yield 1.5 inches. By the way, I just saw on TV that paris hilton wore a similar pair of earrings (with jumbo size pearls) on the david letterman show and from what i know, she wears Tarina Tarantino quite a lot.
  8. I just called and they are 16mm :smile: Thanks so much again! I'll browse more to see if I can find a pair with at least freshwater pearls but if not I'll go for these ;)

    when was paris on david letterman? I'd love to find some pictures just to see if it's the same thing

  9. thanks!
    i don't even like paris but I ended up watching most of the clip cuz I couldn't stop staring at the earrings lol

    she actually ends up saying that they're from her jewelery collection, i'll see if i can locate them to compare to the tarina ones
  10. They do look like the Tarina earrings.
  11. I am looking for the same earrings as well. The Tarina Tarantino ones will disappoint. I already own them. They are not as elegant and are costume-like. They look cartoonish. Instyle claims they are from and they are totally sold out of them. I do not think they are Ann Taylor, they look way too small on the website. Please keep me posted as to what you find out!
  12. hope some lucky gals get it and post modelling pics...:tup: