Help with paypal!

  1. :yucky:Hi- I bought and received a fake Burberry on eBay. I contacted the seller and he remains firm that it is real even though I brought it to the Burberry store and verified it.

    I contacted paypal and my claim is being reviewed. I also went ahead and contacted my bank and they have refunded me for the charge. My question now is, should I cancel the claim that I have with paypal? In the past they haven't been helpful at all and it's frustrating. Plus I figure I got my $ back so I don't really need them, or do I?
  2. I am sorry that you have had this problem - it is very unusual for a store to say that an item is fake. However, when you open up a dispute with Paypal they freeze the sellers funds for the cost of the item and would ask you to get info in writing from a 3rd party.

    If you are sure that you have had your money refunded by the bank - you have no reasons to continue with the dispute. Have the bank asked you to return the bag to the seller or what have they told you to do with it? You have obviously gone through the chargeback process instead of letting Paypal deal with this issue.