Help with Paige denim

  1. I recently bought a pair of Paige Hollywood jeans in a size 24. the waist is fine, however the thigh area seems a little tight especially when sitting for long periods of time. does anyone else have this problem or does it sound like i need to go up a size? Thanks! (for ref, I'm only 150cm, 43kg)
  2. Paige Laurel Canyons and Hollywood Hills are typically slim at the thigh. Perhaps you should try their Robertson style? It's a little looser in the thigh but fits the same in the waist.
  3. For me, they loosened up after the 1st time I wore them. If they are really unbearable, then you can go a size up, but give it a couple of wears, they get looser.
  4. I had the same problem with laurel canyons in my "normal" jean size and I am very petite (less than 100lbs). I ended up selling them because I just couldn't stand the shrinkwrap thighs. They stretched out in the waist and seat area but reallly not in the thigh. I tried the next size up but it was huge in the waist. I never have been too big in the thigh for my waist size in jeans so I think these just run particularly slim and if they aren't comfortable with the tags on in the house, I'd take them back!!
  5. I would choose a different style. All of the Paige denim I've owned stretches an inch or two around the waist and hips so if it fits there (or is even a little tight) I wouldn't go up another size.
  6. If they are perfect in the waist and you just want to stretch the legs a little bit, try damp stretching.

    Turn them inside out and spray the legs with water wherever they seem tight. Put them on and just wear them around the house until they dry. Then voila, perfect fitting jeans!
  7. I had the same problem with the Laurel Canyon style.... couldn't even get them over my thighs. I'm a runner and I've always had bigger legs. I went up a size but the waste is a bit big. Not bad but just annoying enough. I am thinking of taking them to a tailor to have the waist brought in in.

    I also found this is the case with Tavernitti jeans.
  8. OMG i've never heard of this before! What a great tip! I have some tight jeans that I need to loosen up! Thanks! :tup:
  9. ^ You're welcome! It's not fun sitting around in wet jeans, but it seriousy works wonders!

    eta- it works anywhere they are too tight and it can also work to stretch the length if you wet them and pull on the hems. Once you wash them, they do shrink back though.