Help with Outremer GSH Day- Please advise!

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  1. I was wondering if I could get your ladies' opinions on this 2010 GSH Outremer Day I received the other day. Granted, I had never seen this color IRL before, but it seems like the bag is significantly lighter than most other Outremer bags I've seen in pictures. Particularly many larger bags (Work etc) in Outremer have been very deep and electric. The best description of the color of this Day I can give is a medium/light cornflower blue. There doesn't seem to be any fading in areas, the color is even throughout. The mirror and other out-of-sun areas are a little darker but that's the case w/all my Bbags. Do the Outremer Day bags tend to be a little lighter? Can pictures really distort the color that much? I'm a little confused- I'd greatly appreciate your help and knowledge- I'm new to this color! :biggrin: Thanks

    I wasn't able to upload pics due to the size but pls check out the pics in this link:
  2. What color were you thinking it was more like? Does the bag look true to the photos in the listing?
  3. The photos in the listings seem to be taken in bright light (camera flash) and without. The pictures in the darker light are true to outremer IMO, maybe you can post some pictures if you are unsure. The pictures in bright light it is hard to tell, as french blue, electric blue and outremer could all photograph like this, but with the 2010 tags it would indicate that it is outremer.
  4. This looks like the outremer I have seen. Maybe days are a little less saturated? Or, as others have said, maybe there is something with the light in the photos?
  5. my sister's outremer city is more saturated and has more purple undertones. this looks abit like EB? lol.
  6. Thats what I thought.... It does look like EB. I have an outremer rggh pt and it also has more purple undertones.... but the paper card says 2010 :confused1:
  7. I had both a day and a part time in outremer and the part time was more saturated and had slightly more purple tones to it. The day was a little lighter. HTH!
  8. Certain purples tend to look more blue in photographs. I think Outremer is one of these colors.

    I have also seen Outremer bags which are deep, dark and saturated and some which are lighter and more purple.

    Try resizing your photos before posting. It's probably easier to identify the exact color of the bag if you have photos of it taken in natural light.