help with novak bag? LVR and NAP

  1. wow lvr still has those available? NAP has them too? thought they were sold out. interesting. i've been wanting one in regular leather. it's such a unique looking bag. i think it's the same size but not sure. sorry can't be more of help.
  2. I'm not sure, either.
  3. i think there is a mini novak and the larger one... as well as clutch style... so 3 types in all....
  4. Yes, that's right muppy!
  5. There are actually four sizes in total: a small, medium, large, and the clutch style. I've never seen the large style, but according to the McQueen SAs, it definitely exists and it is a bit larger than the medium style that is most often pictured.

    I think that all of LVRs bags are the medium style. If you want to be sure, call Cristina at the customer service number found on LVRs website. She is very helpful.

    Good luck with your search, chigirl.
  6. I love these bags.....
  7. I ended up ordering the black one from LVR. Very excited....