Help with Noe.....

  1. I want to buy a Mono Noe, but i'm still not sure should i get the Noe or the Petit Noe
    I saw some photos in the club house and visual aids, i still can't get a clear idea...

    what big is the Noe? looks quite big on LV web, i know its 10.2" X 13.4"
    but what does it look when u wearing it? look huge?
    does petit noe big enough to use as daily bag?
    can both wear across shoulder?
    does anyone have more modeling photo can show me?

    please help!
  2. the petit noe will hold a speedy 25 on its end to give you an idea. Its more then enough for daily use.
  3. oh...its sounds big,,,then the NOE will be.....huge.......@_@
  4. helps these help, i beleive Irene is 5'7
    Noewspeedy.JPG noewithspeedy.JPG IMG_4770.jpg petitnoe7nh.jpg
  5. thanks thanks your one sold already. i try to look for it, but can't find!
  6. Yes my noe just sold.. I believe i pm'd you about it. It sold on eBay.
  7. yes u did, oh...i should start to look for one again on eBay
  8. Sorry you missed out on it.
  9. I would prefer petit Noe as I think Noe is too big.
  10. i just ring my "country" store. the SA said both bag is only for wear under arm
    but can't wear across shoulder ..... its that true
    an extra strap will cost NZ$400....@_@
  11. Yes you can use a different strap to where it across your body..

    let me find the pic for you..
  12. You can but this and use it so it will go across your body
    The picture of the person wearing with this strap must be in the visual thread.. you can check there.
  13. go to check in visual thread first
  14. Petit Noe is the perfect size bag for most people.
  15. I like the regular noe best.