Help with Noe please...

  1. Can anybody help with info regarding the Petit Noe in Epi Red? I absolutely love this bag and have been patiently waiting for it to be mine. So when I asked my usual SA maybe 2months ago he said that I could only buy red epi in bigger stores as they are too small to carry it. Fair enough I have to make a trip to London soon, so no major problem. Then a few weeks later my friend asked a diff SA and was told that this bag has to be made to order :confused1: and that I'm looking at a 3-4 month wait. Now this was a big shock...but I love it and don't mind waiting. I decided to phone the UK LV cutomer service line to find out more info. They told me that she was no longer being made....:crybaby: Now this I was not expecting! The lady managed to track one down in a London branch, the only one left in the country! But with 5 weeks to go before my London trip I really thought that this bag would never be mine. So off to my local store and I casually ask the SA (not my usual one) and you know what he says....Oh yes we have one in stock...:wtf: He brings her out and she's pretty but I just don't feel it... Plus the bag seems a little diff, the holes look smaller and when I ask he doesn't seem to know anything. When I ask about it being discontinued he says that would never happen? I left feeling so gutted :sad: but after a day I start to think about her constantly again. So I guess I do really want it!

    Does anybody know if any of what I have been told is true? I'm just so confused, I'm going to my usual store next week and London next week so I want to be more prepared this time ;)

    TIA :smile: