Help with Nightingale!

  1. Hello ladies,

    I've been looking for a while now for my next investment and I'm in love with the quality of Givenchy bags (I currently own a small antigona in shiny black calf leather) but I really want a slouchy bag since all my other bags are quite structured.

    So, I would love to get some trusted opinions about this Givenchy Nightingale in nude. What do you ladies think? Is it a good color to have? All my bags are black or dark navy, so a neutral would be lovely to have as well.

    Let me know your opinions, thank you so much in advance!
  2. I love neutrals and like this color. What leather would it come in? If calfskin, then you know it will be hardy. However, I am yet to hear complaints from ladies about their Givenchy leather. That said, look in the maintenance section (Givenchy Care Thread), maybe there is info in there about lighter colored Givenchy bags.

    I did see a lighter shade pandora on eBay that looked SO beat up. I felt so sorry for it. Not sure if the owner just didn't treat the bag properly or if that light shade was susceptible to dirt and wear, moreso than others.

    Anyway, a leather conditioner and something to protect from water spots may be good to have on hand. Good luck
  3. In the end I got a Proenza Schouler. I kept going back to look at this bag but, nothing popped for me. Maybe it's because it's a nice handbag, but doesn't have the wow factor I was looking for that made me feel good about spending so much money. Maybe the hardware wasn't impressive enough for me!

    Plus, the leather on this bag made me worry. It's such a light nude and I noticed the leather wasn't 'sheen' if you get what I mean. Like stains would appear from nowhere and it would be impossible to remove.
  4. I always have bags with darker color, black or navy.

    But I just bought a Nightingale in paler color. and it looks awesome and something different!
  5. Hi, I got this bag but i'm not sure if its 'dirty' or if it is suppose to look like that. I'm thinking of sending it to the cleaners but I don't want to ruin a perfectly good bag because of my OCD. Also, can someone help me identify the name of the leather of the bag? As well as the size? Thank you!
  6. What color was it? I would love to see it!

    The nude nightingale is beautiful but it just seems too high maintenance.
  7. It's a tricolor one.

    Don't have my bag with me now. But I searched the photo of it. Here it is.
  8. So beautiful! I always wanted this bag but could never find. So jealous!
  9. agree with other comments here... beautiful bag but looks high maintenance. :sad:
  10. image-663499425.jpg


    Here is my Nude Givenchy Nightinggale!
    Have this bag for over a year now. The leather is of very good quality:smile:
    I always use soft leather cleansing lotion. That is how I keep my nude nightinggale clean.
    Its not to high maintenance if you use your bags with love;)
  11. which soft leather cleansing lotion do you use? I have yet to bring out my white nightingale. and have you had to clean out any marks/stains after you used it?
  12. bangkokbaby I just bought this bag and I'm still waiting on my LMB products to get here so I can waterproof it before use. I love the bag though. When I first got it my heart sank as I felt the leather and it felt too fragile. But I really can't let it go as I've wanted it for ages so in going to have to maintain it.

    d00rvm - I'd also like to know which cleansing lotion you use. Is this the lambskin?
  13. Yes it is the lambskin bag!
    But I use HG products, I think it's a Dutch brand (I'm from Holland) but maybe you can google HG producten (in Dutch) or HG cleaning products and maybe they ship it to where you live:smile:

    I use the lotion after a few months. I've cleaned it now for like three times and the bag is still perfect and didn't loose any kind of color!
    I even once spoiled nail oil!! I thought I was going to die!!! But the HG cleansing lotion got the oil out! Prefect stuff! I use it on al my leather bags:smile:
  14. That stuff sounds like magic!!! Does it work on suede bags as well?
  15. sounds awesome, can you take a closeup pic of the bottle with the name and whatnot so that I can track it down here in the states? thanks!