Help with next purchase!! LV wallet or clutch?

Nov 30, 2010
Hi all!

This is my first official post on the purse forum. I'm caught with a dillema. I bought my LV Sistina MM a couple of months ago and I was planning on buying the zippy wallet in damier ebene to match my new purse. I already have the zippy wallet in mongram and love it!

THEN, I saw the Eva clutch in damier at my local LV store and I want that now! Which one should I get?

I can't believe the wallets cost as much as the clutches, but I love the clutch! I just wouldn't wear it as often, since it's dressy.

Does anyone think it matters to carry a damier ebene puse with a monogram wallet? Or should I buy the damier wallet first before going for the Eva clutch!

Please help!

Thanks! :biggrin:
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wild child

Aug 8, 2006
Rainy City
Since you already have a wallet get the clutch.

I never match so in my opinion matching a bag and wallet is only a matter of personal preference.


Oct 28, 2010
Get the Eva clutch, ebene and mono look great together for a wallet and a bag, so I don't think you need the new wallet, and it sounds like you want the Eva. I'm going to try to buy the Eva over the next few days as well!
Jun 5, 2010
Cincinnati, Ohio
Eva! It's really much more trouble to change wallets to match bags, and I think that the Mono wallet goes with everything, every design and color. Use your Zippy wallet with your Sistina and get the EVA! You will be happy! I feel like my EVA is my go-to bag for evenings and social outings that don't require me to have one of my bigger bags. Love it!