Help with next 'accessory' color....

  1. I am hoping to get some 'goodies' for my birthday (possible Karo, pen holder, tissueholder etc) and need some color advice. I carry the following colors in my bag:

    Black wallet
    Pink ipod
    Pink umbrella
    Cyclamen Agenda
    Lilac coin purse
    black B&O earphone case
    Lilac makeup bag

    Any suggestions?:heart:
  2. A blue jean karo? A bi-colour pen holder? Something in the new red too?
  3. tissueholder? Does Hermes make a tissue holder? Because this is exactly what I need and want. I mean, I've been dying for something like this!
  4. Anything in Violette, Fuschia, Vert Anis, or Blue Jean would be a lovely complement to what you have Rose. I'm sure I'm forgetting a few colors...
  5. I have a 'lil' something on hold in the following colors: orange, violette, vert anis, vermillion........:confused1:
  6. If you like to stay "in hue" then go with violette, otherwise the orange or vert anis, for contrast.:P
  7. I think I would like a contrast...
  8. rose, do a vert anis or blue jean! let us know what you decide!
  9. do a vert anis!! or an orange! or a bleu jean! :love:
  10. Thanks girls!! I will let you know what I get soon..........(it will be blue jean if I can find one or it will be the vert anis).
  11. sounds awesome! good luck!
  12. ohhhhhh, how much is the tissue holder :biggrin:
  13. Tissue holder, tissue holder, where art thou?????

    Hermes did make one of these some years ago and I am on the hunt, not much (any!) luck so far. If I do manage to find one I will definately report back.

    If anyone else does please let me know too....
  14. A tissue holder would be so great!
    I love blue jean and vert anis accessories, especially with the pinks and violette things you already have.
  15. Yes, I have been craving a tissue holder for quite a while. I'm a tissue addict..
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