Help with New York

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  1. I will be visiting New York in December, I will be staying in Manhattan, how far are the H stores from Manhattan? Any recommendations for restaurants?
  2. Both H stores are in Manhattan. Where are you staying? The Madison store is very close to several hotels such as the Pierre.
  3. There are 2 stores in NYC. How far they are will depend on which hotel you stay at. 691 Madison Avenue and Hermes Wall Street on 15 Broad Street.
  4. New York in December is like a dream! Rockefeller, Times Square, The Rocketts at Radio City, The shows! You are going to have so much fun!

    There are 2 Hermes stores in the city. One is on Madison (near very busy touristic area) and the other is in the financial district. It depends where you are staying.

    What kind of foods do you like? There are hundreds of different types of restaurants here.

    For New Yorks top ten and reservations go to: Open Table New York City

    Have fun on your stay!!!
  5. Thank you for all your help ladies. I will be staying at the Westin 43rd and 7th st. I can't wait to be there for the holidays. Thank you Baggoholic for the website on the restaurants.
  6. Fun hotel!

    Enjoy your trip and feel free to PM with any NYC questions... :smile:
  7. I definitely recommend hitting BOTH boutiques while you are here, if at all possible! Madison Ave is huge, and quite a sight to behold, especially at Christmastime when it's a total madhouse. The service there is often less than warm, though, so just be prepared.
    Wall Street (actually the location is 15 Broad St near Exchange Place just so you can find it easily) is staffed by absolutely wonderful SAs, and though they are much smaller than Madison, it's often considered by regular shoppers to be a "better" store. No attitude, never overwhelmingly crowded, and they do have & display lovely items (including Birkins) on a regular basis. Try to get there early in the day if you are on a Birkin quest though--they open at 8:30AM. Madison opens at 10AM.
    Have fun!!
  8. Ditto :yes: