Help with new watch!!

  1. I am looking for a new everyday watch and need help. I am late 40's and would like something that is not too trendy and has a classic look. Also, I don't wear very much jewelry, just my diamond drop earrings and a pave heart necklace. Very simple. Any help from all you would be greatly appreciated!!!!
    Here's 2 that I like:

    I really would like to keep the price under $2K

  2. The Ebel is a great choice. I'd also suggest looking at the Omega Constellation. You can get it with or without diamonds. Extremely classic and a shape you would like!
  3. Good morning!

    Between the two choices, I would go with the Ebel. Michele watches, though very beautiful, tend to be more trendy. (They are made by Fossil, just so you know.) A Beluga is a very classy piece. I also like the Dolce Vita by Longines. Timeless, but kind of small. I will tell you, that if you have diamonds on the bezel of your piece, you will have to work at keeping them clean. I have several diamond timepieces and have to worry about that. Buy a stainless steel version and it will be easier to buff out scratches. Happy hunting!:yes:
  4. Hello Kroquet!!! I would definately go with the Ebel,the Beluga range is a beautiful watch,and you don't see that many around,so it has a lovely exclusivity.And of course you can't go wrong with a few diamonds!!!xxx
  5. Ebel!
  6. Thanks, now off to find a good deal!!!
  7. I actually own two Michele watches and they're terrific, but I would vote for Ebel over the Michele. Ebel is SO classic! You're not buying a watch -- you're buying an heirloom.
  8. Definitely the Ebel!! Very classic and timeless! I agree that Michelle tends to be a little trendier and personally I wouldn't consider them classic watches. I bought the Ebel Beluga from and although I ended up getting a Rolex instead, I think the Ebel Beluga is a great classic and very sleek watch! Try for this watch, I found them on eBay and they have a really great website and the best prices that I had found! Good luck shopping for your new watch and enjoy!!
  9. Another vote for the Ebel. I'm not quite fond of leather strapped watches and because you will wear it as an everyday watch, I find you would need to replace the strap more often than you would a stainless steel strap