Help with new red Petit Noe needed...

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  1. I am awful, I know, still haven`t decided if I will get the Passy pm in red or the petit Noe in red...admire the Passy whenever I go to Selfridges (it is on display there) but still think the Petit Noe would be a fun bag for summer.

    So, to all owners of the Petit Noe in the New Red, how about the inside? Does is "bleed" on lighter coloured items you carry around? If the outside get stained, is it easy to clean?
  2. hi, i have a petit noe in the "old red" and i love it. inside doesn't bleed and epi is great because you can just wipe off any spills. either bag will be great but petit noe is more versitile IMO. good luck with your decision!
  3. Monkeydog--I know I could look this up, but I'm lazy and you would know...what is the difference in color between new and old red? TIA!:flowers:
  4. I have epi petit noe in new red. The interior does not bleed. It is a very soft microfiber type lining. the outside is very easy to clean, just wipe it off. The bags you're debating on are very different. The noe is a very casual style, the passy can be casual or dressy. Both are beautiful. You have a hard decision to make!
  5. Mickloisme, as far as I know the new red is slightly more blueish and the darker parts of the epi (if that makes any sense) aren`t as dark as with the old red. The new one is also clearer imo...

    Texas Girl you are right, it is a very hard decision. one day I think I am more for the casual style of the noe (and that it is more versatile) and the other day I think the passy can be dressy and casual AND would be better for my from shoulder bags suffering shoulder...and I have a black petit noe I am not using very often as it is so hard to organize and is a bit old fashioned...but it seem to come back in style....phhh, I know, I am getting obsessive about this:shame: . But at least I am sure about the colour, red. I am using my red vernis reade and like the colour (but not the form) a lot.....