Help with new bag/old bag number

  1. Do any of you experts out there think this is odd? I bought a brand new Chanel bag from Sak's about two weeks ago. The serial number is 7 digits starting with an 8. According to the reference library, this indicates the bag would have been made in 2003-2004. Is this not correct? Or if it is, is it odd that Sak's would have this bag for 3 or 4 years? Thanks for your help!!!
  2. Is it a Classic style? If so it could very well just be old stock.
  3. I think it is a version of a classic. It is 10x5x2 black lambskin with square (not diamond) quilting. The SA told me that they sold "quite a lot of these at Christmastime." But this was the last one they had left.
  4. Didn't know they "sell" old stock..i thght they generally send it back to europe..HQ...or maybe sell it cheaper to staff???
  5. Shannbar---> do you mind telling where you get the info regarding the serial number and what year being made guideline?? thanks heapsss...
  6. I've never heard of any policy on how long they hold stock{?}
    I'd just assume it's there until it sells, whether it be at full price or on sale.
  7. The info regarding the serial number dates I got from the "Helpful Tips Regarding Authenticity" thread.

    The bag is identical to this one listed on eBay (except in black). A Chanel person told me that this style has been discontinued.

    eBay: 100% AUTH CHANEL QUILTED LEATHER BAG PURSE TAN BEIGE (item 320081755570 end time Feb-18-07 13:58:48 PST)

    I can understand bags being around for a while but for 3-4 years???? This seems odd to me as I would think that department stores would move their stock after a period of time. Has this happened to anyone before? I guess I am just concerned that this was a used back that the store took back as a return or something.