help with new bag decision....

  1. so last night I went to LV to check out the speedy 35, which has been on my mind. It was way too big for me. I felt like I was carrying a duffle bag. I'm so glad I went and looked at it in person, so I can get it off of my mind. I was going to either now get the mini lin speedy or BH. I couldn't decide on which one. I wish I could get both.:sad: So, today I'm going to back and get one, but still can't decide...I've been dreaming about it all night!!LOL Any help from you guys.......??? TIA;)
  2. if 35 is too big why not try 30? It's a great size :smile: BH is more functional/work bag, while speedy is also good for work, but you can't store paper folder/binder in it.
  3. I think the bh would be a really nice work bag!
  4. The BH is gorgeous! I love it! The mini lin speedy is a pretty bag too.. i like them both!
  5. I recently purchased the Speedy 30 after several other LV purse purchases and I love this bag! It functions almost like it is bottomless and I added a mono strap to use on the occasions when it is not easy to hold in my hand. I cannot say enough great things about this classic and functional bag!
  6. I already have the mono speedy 30, but for some reason was wanting the 35. But I think I will just stick with my 30, its the best size for me. I think I might go with the BH. I just dont know how the mini lin will wear with kids. haha
  7. I love the Batignolles Horizontal - I bought two of them, one for each of my daughters (third daughter wanted something different) - they are GORGEOUS!
  8. BH is such an extremely useful bag.
    Trying it on in person totally changes my ideas on bags, too. Good luck on whatever choice you make :biggrin:
  9. I have the speedy 35 and absolutely adore it but if you think it's too big I'd say go for the 30...
  10. mini lin speedy...........beautiful bag.
  11. Go for the BH, that is going to be my next bag!
  12. I love the BH!
  13. i agree, go for the BH.....
  14. That's why I love trying on the different purses. You can go in for one thing and once you 'wear' it, you realize that it is totally not you!!

    I vote for the BH.
  15. Bh!