help with new bag decision....

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  1. :confused1: okay...I have a couple of speedies, but I want a shoulder bag also (have 3 kids). My choices are BH, large musette in damier or mono, damier saleya mm. TIA:heart:
  2. i personally love the BH i think its a great size!!! good luck with your decision!!!!
  3. From your list I would pick the BH. I couldn't carry the saleya mm on my shoulder comfortably at all. I exchanged it for the damier alma. I keep eyeing that BH for myself!
  4. BH is a good choice! I have the BV and two kids. And I am able to put all their stuff in it (for quick trips) along with my wallet and cell phone.
  5. i like the Batignolles Horizontal. it's very roomy, and the straps are very comfortable :yes:
  6. batignolles all the way...saleya handles aren't very comfy on the shoulder.
  7. BH for you!
  8. I vote for BH!
  9. I vote for Saleya MM..worry free considering you have 3 has zipper..
  10. Batignolles Horizonta!
  11. Out of your list, I'd go with the BH.
  12. i'd go with the BH. i love mine!
  13. BH if you don't need a zipper, or Saleya if you cannot live without one!
  14. i agree with everyone that BH would be a good mono if you don't need a zipper. did you consider the cabas mezzo? if you want a damier shoulder bag with zipper, how about the chelsea? it's more comfortable on the shoulder compared to the saleya.
  15. Get the BH!