Help with neutral booties & bag

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I am looking to invest in a nice pair of neutral booties that have about a 1 to 2 inch heel. I'd like a neutral color to go with both browns and blacks, but if I love it, then any color will do. I've been looking all over, but haven't found any I like.

    I am also looking for a nice neutral color small bag that can go with browns and blacks and go day or night. I know ... it's asking a lot, but if you have suggestions, please share them with me. I'm willing to invest, so it's ok if the bag is pricey.

    Thanks for your help!
  2. for a small bag, what kind? crossbody, shoulder?
  3. It can be either crossbody or shoulder and any brand. Although I'd like something w/o a monogram so it won't clash in case I'm wearing a print. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
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    ^ This Asa Crossbody is :heart: looks so elegant AND practical! I will go and see it up close tomorrow!!! As for low heel booties, I'm still looking for a pair I like. I've seen some nice ones on the net, but I can't find them locally, I don't want to buy on line this time in case they don't fit.
  5. thanks for the suggestions...i'll look into the single and the asa crossbody. i've been reluctant to fork over $$$ on a marc jacobs, but maybe i should invest in at least one.

    lily25 : please share if you find any cute booties!! all the ones i see are way too tall!
  6. i personally love the Asa. i've seen it IRL and it's a great size! not a bad price, either. let me know what you thought!

    you should look into them! they're both a great price point for MJ
  7. Last winter I got the Christian Louboutin Cest moi booties, but they are too high and I can't wear them everyday, especially at school. I keep them for weekends, as they are ok for shopping and lunching/dining, but no no for metro and tram.

    So this year I look for a mid heel booties. I 'm looking at the Acne pistol boots in black,

    Isabel marant boots

    although they are extremely hard to find in this leather.

    Clarks, Zara, etc have ok designs but they didn't exactly cut it. They felt weird.

    I also like those at yoox
  8. ^LOVE the second pair!!
  9. i like the isabel marant pair too...they are the perfect color to go w/ black and brown. are they still available online?

    the closest ones i found that i would get are the rachel comey mars bootie...but they are a little taller than i would like.
  10. I gave up trying to find the perfect pair. I got these from mango:

  11. those are pretty close to perfect lily! the height is perfect. are they suede? i would prefer leather though.
  12. Yes suede cow leather, and pig leather on the inside, very soft, the suede is really close shaved, and with a "worn" effect on the toe but it is not really visible unless you try tolook at it. I would prefer it in normal leather too but I can't find them anywhere and school has already started so I was in a hurry to purchase a pair. Plus they are cheaper than most other pairs I liked.,1347&sh=0&pge=0&pgesize=20&sort=-1&clr=Black
  13. ^i REALLY like those lily! are they very comfy?
  14. Yes they are, this why I decided for them.