Help with Naviglio

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  1. should the interior of damier ebony naviglio be orange or brown?
    i've seen some interior which are brown and some are orange, so kinda confused

    after which production year did LV started printing "Louis Vuitton" on the carry strap?
  2. I have a naviglio in damier several years back. The inside is redish-orange where the 2 flaps are. I don't recall "louisvuitton" on the brown strap. I thought the words are on the azur naviglio? Sorry, it has been a while. I'll see if I can still find my auction pics of the bag.
  3. I purchased mine, produced in 2006. It is red-orange interior and the straps have LOUIS VUITTON embossed on.
  4. i bought mine in 2003. its got terra cotta red lining and the strap is plain.
  5. I bought mine in 2003 0r 2004, its got red lining and the strap is plain. My friend purchased hers in 2006, the lining changed to brown and has the words Louis Vuitton embossed on.
  6. I purchased mine in January of this year in Bev Hills and mine is lined in brown colored fabric and has LOUIS VUITTON embossed on the straps.
  7. hmm, so does it vary according to the year or according to the place its made?
  8. I remembered asking the SA back in year 2006 and they told me the new batch will have brown lining and with the wordings embossed on the strap.