help with natural hair/non blow dry products

  1. I'm losing my hair due to an auto immune disease and since nothing is working I've decided I want to try to keep the hair I have healthy. that means stepping away from the blow dryer/flat iron (not because if fries my hair, because extra brushing makes me lose hair).

    I have long wavy hair and I have been looking for a product that I can put in my hair to make it not look crazy ... just shiny and soft, not crunchy or greasy. I have found one gel/cream that helps me keep my hair curly but the next day it's a mess of tangles and I end up pulling out more hair with the brush than if I had just blow dried it.

    I remember asking my hairdresser ages ago for a product like this when I was overworked and underpaid and low on time and she just looked at me like I was crazy and said there wasn't anything. :nogood: :push: there has to be SOMETHING!

    this is me blow dried


    something to that effect would be nice but at this point I don't care what it does (curly, straight, wavy) as long as it keeps my hair shiny, soft, tangle free and semi presentable. I know a cut would probably help but I'm holding off until march so I can go home and see my regular stylist and get a cut. both of the hairdressers I've seen since I've moved I haven't been happy with, so I'd rather not waste the money. even a trim ended up bad!

    so is there anyone else out there that isn't a slave to their hair dryer/curling iron/flat iron?
  2. i have curly hair and gave up regular use of a blowdryer a few years ago. i only blow dry once every couple of months and only flatiron the front section of my bangs on a regular basis. i use potion 9 by sebastian every day that i end up with wet hair. it's a leave in condish/styling treatment gel....i've been using it since i was 12 (13 years).

    it can get a teesy bit crunchy as it dries....but once it's dry just scrunch the crunch out and you end up with super duper soft, shiney, completely managable hair.if i want straight-ish hair, i let my hair dry in a low pony. if i want it wavy, a messy bun. and if i want it curly, scrunch and go. i have a bathroom cabinet full of other products but i amost never use them. if i remember correctly swankymama loves it too.

    it's a salon product but not super can get a 5 oz tube for about 11 bucks and a 16oz one for under 30. the 16 oz tub lasts me about 4 or 5 months and i use it basically every other day.
  3. i haven't tried this myself but it sounds interesting....


    it's available from sephora and it's frederic fekkai's ironless straightening balm. not sure what exactly it entails but it might be something to look into.
  4. I love the Frederic Fekkai Glossing Cream but it does tend to get a little heavy on the 2nd day.

    Another product to try would be that leave-in spray conditioner from Infusium...I cant remember the name for it, but it keeps my hair soft, frizz free and tangle free. its really light too.
  5. You look sooooo familiar to me! :huh:

    Anywayyyy, I like L'Oreal Professional Liss Extreme. I get it at my salon, but I'm not sure which (if any) stores carry it. It makes hair really soft and shiny, without being greasy or weighed down. I like to use the shine serum and smoothing cream (mixed together) on wet hair...

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  6. thanks guys!! I will check those out!! hopefully I can find travel sizes.