Help with names of bags

  1. You'll have to excuse me, this Coach forum had me up until like, four in the morning.

    I have a collection, many of the names of the bags I don't have a clue, but I'd like to catalog my bags now. There is a site where I can look up the serial numbers and get a picture and the name of the bag right? My mind is a jumble cause I thought I saw something like that in one of the stickied threads...
  2. In the COACH FAQ's thread there's a drilldown (Coach serial numbers will bring up the stock photo, but it doesn't give the name of the bag. You could post photos, I'm sure between all of us we'd be able to identify your bags.

    You could also do searches on eBay by Coach and serial number see what sellers list them as.
  3. post here and i can try and help you:smile:
  4. Thanks. It never dawned on me to remember or write down the names of the bags. Now I'm here and I'm like, "I have the bag that is flat with a long strap....", ugh.

    I'll post pics of my collection and maybe some of you guys and identify a few for me. :smile: