Help with mystery leather??

  1. Calling all or any leather experts. Can anyone shed some light on what kind of leather this is? We are talking about the leather from a Hermes orange birkin dated 1998. The attached pictures are taken with flash and without flash.

    Any help is appreciated...:smile:
    CIMG2354.JPG CIMG2355.JPG
  2. Sheesh! I have to chuckle because with flash it looks like chevre, without flash it looks live buffle gala. In its natural setting does it shine?
  3. nafnaf, send your bag to HG for inspection. :graucho:
  4. Hi HG,
    Yes, there is a slight sheen to the leather in its natural setting. I was told it was chevre but now I'm not sure...

    I will email you more pictures right now via PM.

  5. Btw. The bag is very lightweight and super soft...
  6. Could it be swift? I am just pulling guesses out of my a*s.
  7. Could it be gulliver?
  8. Evergrain? My black evergrain has a sheen and is silky to the touch. Chevre would have a spine pattern in the middle of the bag on both sides. [I think, because my chevre bolide has a spine pattern on both sides. Stiff feeling,too.]
  9. It looks/sounds like Gulliver to me.
  10. N, this is exactly the mystery leather and color on my older Bolide. The gold on the right is *exact* in color. The texture is exact. I was told by the forum it was probably gulliver.

    How stiff is yours? What kind of bag is it? Mine is light, super stiff, and shines....just like chevre, but without any trace of spine.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

  11. Japster, please come here, we cannot let this go!!!!
  12. :yes:

  13. OMG CB! You are a HOOT :roflmfao:

    I can't believe I revealed to everyone that mine is light, super stiff and shines! Just like chevre!

    All this talk about stiffies and bags and spines...just what is this board coming to?

  14. I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well, we dont calll you the raisin queen for nothin'!!!
  15. Mine is also light, a slight sheen but not stiff at all...
    You lucky girl! :graucho:

    I didn't think it's swift/gulliver because the swift I have seen is smoother, softer and more flat. I have to say this leather is more stiff than clemence and togo, but less stiff than ardennes and boxcalf.

    The H orange on this bag also does not POP like a color would on swift. Btw, this is a birkin from 1998.

    I will post the 2 pictures I took late this afternoon in bright daylight, as advised by HG.
    CIMG2381.JPG CIMG2380.JPG