Help with my zipper please?

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  1. The zipper of my dress has come apart (I'm not wearing it TG): one side of the zip isn't in the pulley thing anymore so the zip doesn't close, just goes up and down on one side. The bottom end is sewn into the lining of the dress.
    How can I fix it? Can I even fix it, I mean if I undo the lining a bit, can the zip be put back together?

    PS Of all the days for my mom not to pick up the phone... :P
  2. I don't know what "TG"means{?}
    I'd take it to a seamstress if you aren't handy w/ sewing:yes:
  3. "thank God" maybe? :confused1:

    I'd also suggest taking it to a seamstress.
  4. Yes, Thank God. I changed out of it at work and it just went as I zipped it back up.
    I am no good at sewing, that is to say no good at sewing neatly. Sometimes the zip sort of just hangs inside the dress and I could maybe see myself fixing it then but like this, seamstress it is I guess. Although if anyone here has some tips, I'd like to give it a whirl myself.
  5. take it to the tailor and have it replaced.. I wouldnt mess with it.
  6. I've gotten my mom on the phone, she says the zipper will have to be replaced and nothing else really can be done. :sad: <-- only because I won't have it this weekend. But at least it didn't turn into a wardrobe malfunction, good thing I tried it before having to wear it out :faint:
  7. my tailor would do it in a day. just ask!