Help with My World Tour design

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  1. #1 Jun 13, 2018
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    hi all, It has been a very long time since I last posted in this forum let alone starting a new thread. I have not made a Vuitton purchase for a long time and I think this is about to break. Many months ago I saw the MWT speedy with black handles, my dream combination, and for the past couple of days I have been designing my bag online. However, my problem comes down to the colours of the lettering. I do not want any stickers but only the LV initial for ease of sale in the future should I decide to sell. Furthermore, I do not know if I want it subtle or a pop of colour. I would appreciate your thoughts and advise whether the LV initial is a good idea too. I will also be considering of buying the thick LV shoulder strap in pink or black to go with this bag.

    Below are some colour combinations, which will you choose and why?

    Pic 1 pink with light blue
    Pic 2 purple with pink
    Pic 3 purple with orange
    Pic 4 black with orange
    Pic 5 purple with red
    Pic 6 black with red
    FBFF25DD-5BA1-4924-B9C2-649697347983.jpeg 233D81E5-D76D-492F-89C8-D009B90CA411.jpeg FB37875B-79AE-4442-BBAC-CEC7A6F804E9.jpeg 6294824F-44B3-4549-A3FE-1EAE71F1E505.jpeg 7FD752CD-29C0-490F-AC8D-F37883084C82.jpeg 6214D857-7E7B-4A9A-B4C9-38D60DE10ABF.jpeg
  2. I would go with Pic 6. The colors seem to pop and I think the black initials match with the leather trim and red always pairs well with the monogram.
  3. I agree with purseaddict, #6 stands out beautifully
  4. #4 or #6
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  5. Agree
  6. Gorgeous! The last pic with red and black is amazing! I’m on the same boat prepping to order mine too the SA in store said I had to choose one sticker, and if I wanted to, also my initials. But he said I couldn’t choose initials only. Did you check in store or online for the initial only option? I would so just get initials only too!

    Can’t wait to see yours!
  7. #7 Jun 14, 2018
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    Thanks all. It seems like most people are going for pic 6, black and red. I do agree the colours do complement the bag's existing colours. I also like pic 4 too which is orange instead of red. Again this complements the mono print. Decision decision.....
  8. I also like 4 and 6.
  9. I'm doing it online and it allows me to add the bag to my cart. Although I would like to do it in store and see samples of the colour combinations but I do not want to travel 1.5hr minimum to my closet store. is a bit odd that your SA is saying at least 1 sticker. Maybe try doing it online first and see whether it allows you to do just initials?
  10. If you're doing initials only because something has to be on the bag and you don't really want them, how about considering 1 sticker on the side or back instead? I don't know if that's actually allowed or not but I was playing online and looked like might be an option? I like the little poodles, I was playing with one of those on the side of the bag. But having something just on side or back is much less conspicuous than having something on the front if you're looking for a plainer look.
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