Help with my wallet

  1. One of the card slots in my zipped compact wallet tore 20 minutes ago!! I was trying to get my drivers license out and since that slot isn't used as often as the other two, the card was stuck inside. Here are pictures of the damage. What are my options as far as repair? I bought it last May, so it should be covered under the warranty, right? What do I need to bring with me to the store, other than the wallet and the receipt? I'm assuming that since it's my fault and it's not a defect, I can't expect a new one.

    I'm so upset- I tried to remove it as gently as possible, because I truly baby this wallet, and I didn't think the slot would actually tear! :crybaby:
    Pictures 001.jpg Pictures 002.jpg Pictures 003.jpg Pictures 005.jpg
  2. OMG! That's terrible, poor wallet! I have no idea about the warranty thing tough...I hope you can get it fixed or replaced. That really shouldn't happen though. Just wanted to empathize.
  3. Thanks- I was freaking out in the post office, but I'm glad no one was looking at me. I think I was more or less in shock, and just ran home to log on to TPF!
    You guys know more than I do, anyway. I really don't want them to glue it back.
  4. The card slots are a little tight, so they may be understanding... I hope!!You should call them first.
  5. maybe take it back to the lv store???

    i am not much help, but i hope you find a way to fix it! :sad:
  6. My co-worker's wallet ripped at the card slots too and they fixed it the first time for free. Since then it has torn again so she just left them torn.
  7. Thanks for the help. I'm going to the LV in SoHo tomorrow to see what can be done.
  8. Update: the manager took a look at the wallet and it's going to be sent out for repair. The entire inside panel is going to be replaced, so he didn't write down the datecode. For some reason, he wanted to know if I'd like to keep my receipt (uh, yeah..). He promised a 6 week turnaround time and that it would be as good as new once I got it back. I hope this is the last time I need to have a repair done!
  9. That's great that they are going to repair it! Glad everything worked out for you
  10. Glad to hear they're taking it for repair... though a replacement would have been a much better remedy.

    Do keep us posted!
  11. Glad to hear that the manager accepted it for repair! I hope you'll be happy with the repair work!!! Good luck!! Poor wallet!!!
  12. this happened a lot recently...make me have a second thought to buy LV wallets...