Help with my Sweetie's Xmas

  1. I do not know if I am in the right place, but with some assistance maybe some one can help me.

    I am a newlywed, and I adore my Sweetie's ... I spoil her everyday.

    Already in her stocking are big ticket items, jewelry, keys to new vehicle, and a trip around the world. She has no idea about any of the above mentioned gifts, so I asked her what she would like, so she sent me a list of Coach items. She is very simple, and does not request anything at all I just love to surprise her. She made a registry and I ordered everything. My executive assistant expressed to me that some of the items are in separate lines within Coach. So I wonder how should we group the items, so that they are received properly.
    Here's what I have to sort so far:

    Legacy Lily Bags in Atlantic, Whiskey and Walnut

    Tattersal Coat

    Tattersal Trilby

    Bleeker Tattersal Travel Tote

    Bleeker Tattersal Large Beauty Case

    Legacy Ponytail Scarf

    Bleeker Tattersal Pouch Keyfob

    Bleeker Tattersal Ponytail Scarf

    Tattersal Folding Umbrella

    Bleeker Tattersal Flat wristlet

    Bleeker Tattersal Scarf

    Signature Locket Keyfob

    Bleeker Tattersal Framed French Purse

    Karree Leather Satchel

    Signature Flower Keyfob

    Sash Signature Belt

    Tattersal Dog Coat

    Legacy Striped Framed Slim Envelope

    Holiday Chunky Charm Bracelet

    Snaphead Post Earrings with Crystal Dangle

    Signature Cutout Cuff

    Pocket Gloves Fushia

    Miranda Earrings

    18 Inch Miranda Necklace

    34 Inch Miranda Necklace

    Can someone with Coach expertise please help me! Would greatly appreciate it.
    (My assistant is a guy and he says he only does LV, I have no idea about it)

    Thank you in advance for any help:confused1:.
  2. :shrugs: I have the slightest idea how to group such a massive haul, but I am sure that however she receives it, she will be delighted. I am so new to this , but some seasoned vets should definitly be able to assist you.

  3. Well a lot of the stuff that you ordered for her is significant in a few different ways:
    Bleecker/Tattersall, Legacy, ready to wear items, and jewelry.
    I would take everything listed and split it up into everything tattersall, everything jewelry, and everything legacy. You could group the clothing items separately or within each category as the coat and trilby hat are tattersall as well.

    May I say that it is fab you are so thoughtful with surprising your wife and also wanting to get her things that she desires. What a lucky gal! I'd be happy to help you further if you wish, just send me a PM so we don't hash out all the details in the thread and bore people. I love surprising people!!
  4. I agree with Candace and I must say, that's quite a haul! :drool: She's lucky to have you!
  5. Is she a member on here? I WISH!

    I want to see pictures of this stuff!!!!!!
  6. So let's say your post is real. She already has in her stocking "big ticket items, jewelry, keys to new vehicle, and a trip around the world." Here's a thought - why not donate that 10K you're going to spend on purses that'll sit in her closet, to, oh, I don't know, a few hundred families who might enjoy a hot meal during the holidays.

    Color me skeptical.
  7. Whether his post is real or not, what a nice welcome to tPF you've given him. Sure it'd be nice for them to donate money but how do you know they haven't? And ultimately it's their money.

    To OP, welcome to tPF. You've picked some really nice things and I hope your family has a lovely Christmas. Please get your wife to register and post pics :yes:
  8. you all can say what you want to me, but I agree with this...... doesn't seem very "real" to me......
  9. :lol:
  10. lol glad im not the only one
  11. I'm with Ailurophile.....this post just doesn't sound real to me. Someone out there is tring to get everyone going if you know what I mean :lol:
  12. I say get her a purse from KMart. If she truly loves you, she will use it every day. If not...........well.


    Oh, were my eyes rolling?
  13. :popcorn:

    As far as "receiving the items properly", I am not sure how you mean. Traditionally people begin with the smaller gifts and work up to the bigger ones, so you might want to begin with the smaller Coach items, work up to the bags and ready-to-wear and then up to the bigger ticket items from there. But keep in mind there comes a point where things become overwhelming. Too much at once is sometimes simply too much to be approciated.
  14. What's this?

    And yes, I'm skeptical too. Someone with that much money to blow on Christmas can surely afford a temporary assistant to handle their Christmas 'gifting'. Hire someone who can 'group' and wrap your gifts properly for your wife.
  15. I guess I'm being extra gullible this morning or maybe it's the cold meds...