Help with my SA's color description....

  1. I just spoke to my SA at NM (sooo sweet) and she called to let me know that "PLUM" came in -in the City. Right before I'd let myself get tooo excited I asked her to describe it for me "it's plumish almost black (huh?) and a little bit "indigo":confused1:.. she also said that it is a new shipment.. I truely doubt that it's Violet because she said that EVERYONE is waiting for that color and she was familiar with Violet/Grape...I'll eventually take a trip to NM but any thoughts on what color this is???
  2. Plum? Are you sure it's not Plomb? which looks almost black with a bit of blue/green undertone... =P I would love to see "Plum" color though! would be so delicious.. yum!
  3. Lol.. yes maybe that's what she meant! It makes sense since she said it had some black/blue in it!
  4. "plom" really is plomb = lead or a greyish black
  5. I'll bet that it's plomb! =( I wish it was violet! Which NM is this?
  6. Me too! And I knew it wasn't Violet just wondering what plum could be but now it makes sense that is was "plomb" too funny~!:p:p It's at NM SF
  7. Does plomb have blue undertones? When I first read the description I thought it was Antracite...
  8. My NM (Tyson's) has had what I think is plomb for a few weeks and yes it was a bit gray/purply/blue and very yummy leather. They were calling it steel. They were calling Violet = purple. Hope that helps!