Help with my patent elise!

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  1. I just found out this stain on the back corner of my Elise patent!:crybaby: I don't know how it got there but it was reddish color and looked like a dye. Is it possible a color of a leather rubbing off to another leather? I was thinking it might be from my washed rose Venetia since I put them side by side.

    How do u clean this? And where I should take it to clean? Do u think a dry cleaner will be able to do it?
  2. yikes! have you tried any cleaner on it yet? or rubbing it with a damp washcloth? I've heard vinegar works well for patent leather too.

    I hope something works!
  3. Post a pic so we can see what it is and how to help ya!
  4. Try taking it to a professional leather repair expert.
    If the color transfer has penetrated into the leather, it definitely cannot be repaired (according to leather experts). Unlike regular leather, patent leather cannot be redyed. This is why many people are afraid of light colored patent leather, nothing can be done once its color changes with use or over time.

    Good luck.

  5. I'm bumping this thread.

    I know someone who has a bag in the same patent Blush color as chloe.clementine's Elise. She got color transfer from her jeans onto it. Is bag.lover's post pretty accurate or has anyone else had success correcting color transfer onto light patent bags?
  6. Anyone find out anything on this?? I'd be interesting in knowing!