HELP with my online statements?

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  1. in my checking account I have something listed as:
    return item fee and it took out $90 from my account.

    i also returned items to the coach outlet, and the amounts arnt showing up.

    does anyone know how i can fix?
  2. Those could be fees for insufficient funds/bounced checks. You need to call the bank.
  3. "return item" could mean a bounced check. Nobody here can tell you for sure, call the bank.
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    Yes, most of the time "return item fee" refers to a bounced check or insufficient funds.
    Also, Coach refunds to a card take about 4 days to show up. The 2 times I returned something it took almost 4 days for it to clear :Push:

    Call your bank about the fee, they will be able to explain what that's about.