Help with my New Trevi PM

  1. Today was suppose to be her first outing. Went to transfer all my things from my Tivoli (raining today so she has to stay inside)
    Went to hook my cles to ring on the inside and there is no ring. Does this bag not have one or is mine missing it
    Can someone who has this bag look and tell me if theirs does
    Many thanks
  2. Trevi PM doesn't have the interior ring. I hope you love your Trevi as much as I love mine! :heart:
  3. Thank you soo much was really worried she was defective somehow.
    Need to use easier shoulder bags when I take my MIL out, she is living with us right now, as she just was released from hospital ....did not take care of herself and wound up with acute kidney when i take her out have to have her in a wheelchair and handbags get caught with the handles much easier if I use a long shoulder bag
    again Thank you
  4. Enjoy your new purchase and good luck with taking care of your MIL! You'll be rewarded for this kind deed!:smile:
  5. When I saw your post I was like "Oh No" another defective Trevi. But it's fine. Enjoy the Trevi...It's such a gorgeous bag. Since I got a replacement for mine I haven't taken her out yet. But shes perfect!! Good for you for helping your MIL. Thats very sweet of you!!
  6. Actually I recieved my Trev today and it's a PM and it does have a D-ring
  7. Enjoy your Trevi, so classic!
  8. This strange inconsistency seems to keep popping up. There are some others that have a d-ring, who have posted in the clubhouse thread, but most don't seem to have one. :shrugs:

    Perhaps someone could ask at the boutique what the deal is with these?
  9. Congrats on snagging such a cute piece! :tup:
  10. congrats on the purchase and hope your MIL feels better
  11. My PM does have it. I bought mine like 3 weeks ago.
  12. maybe they recently decided to add the drings to the trevi????
  13. wat r d-rings for?
  14. Mine also comes with D-ring. (I got her last week.)
  15. The one I bought and returned earlier this week did have a d-ring on it.