Help with my new Kooba

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  1. K so I just got my new Meredith today and I have a little trepidation. I bought it brand new and I can't help but feel it isn't in the impeccable condition that I expected. So I need yall's help to tell me if my expectations were too high. The problem I'm having mostly is with the strap. I took a couple of pictures showing what looks like a darkish blue splotch on the middle of the handle. Also, one panel (left) of leather seems more wrinkly than the others and thinner. I don't know if these are things that can be treated with leather treatment or if I should just take it back and exchange it. Let me know what you think..



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  2. Leah, I don't know what the spot is on the strap. It looks like a rub mark.

    As far as the wrinkled leather. That is a normal leather variation. Some bags have more than others. I returned one bag because of that. The whole back of the bag was heavily wrinkled and it looked out of place. However Kooba says this is a natural variation and it can be expected. The amount of wrinkling you have seems pretty minimal to me but I can see how it bothers some. Not all parts of the cow have the same skin, so it's not something that is a flaw. The spot is another issue. Where did you get the bag from. I'd ask for an exchange of another Meredith.
  3. I got it at Neiman's so there won't be a problem with exchanging it.. It just makes me sad cause it's my first designer bag and I was so excited and had to wait for them to ship it to me and now I'll have to wait some more. :sad: Do you think I should try to treat it first or would that null the return?
  4. treat it and they might not take it back... so probably not. i saw flaw in m kooba for a while till i realized what a good:love: bag it is, and just used the hell out it. no excuse on the blue spot on the strap, though. i hope you enjoy the next one they send you!
  5. Most certainly exchange that bag for a more perfect one. NM wants you to be happy, allow them to do their job of making you so.
  6. I don't think your expectations were too high for a brand new bag. If you're not happy with it, either exchange or return it. I wouldn't keep a new bag with a stain on it. It would be a different story if you bought it on ebay and knew it had a stain (and got it for a good $)!
  7. If you don't adore it and will constantly think of those imperfections, send it back. Don't settle! You ordered a new bag and it should be perfect.
  8. Yea I'm fer sure gunna return it. Makes me sad, though.. I was so excited. Ah well. Hopefully the next one will be perfect. Thanks for all your feedback. It really helped me with my decision.
  9. Leah, glad you decided to return it for a perfect bag!
    When you pay retail the bag should be perfect, don't settle for anything less, let us know how you go:smile:
  10. And that is a beautiful colour, makes me want one:heart:
  11. I have a Meredith in Luggage and mine is kind of banged up too. I stressed over it because it was the only one they had and I wanted it THEN. The salesman tried to convince me that this is typical with this kind of leather (blah blah blah) which is true but doesn't mean I don't expect my new bag to be perfect. I say send it back!

    Oops, just saw that you did. Good for you!

    PS - I LOVE the slate color~!
  12. I'd definitely exchange it. That spot on it would bother me
  13. But, btw, i love that style of bag and the colour is lovely
  14. I just found this post - I recd my slate gray Meredith today, and after looking it over in a brighter light, I noticed several places where the leather is "spotted" - similar to the left side of the bag shown on this post (the side thats more wrinkled) - I have a feeling that this is part of the lambs skin and that you're going to find this variation on every bag. I could be wrong, but I have the same spotting along one end of the bag and the bottom corner. In addition, there are several places where the leather is creased. I also had a couple of small spots on the handle, but a leather conditioner smoothed them right out (it did NOT however, smooth out in the body of the bag and/or the creases).

    The tag that comes w/the bag describes how there may be variations in the texture and/or color of the leather - I take this to mean that this spotting is a natural process and doesn't necessarily mean the bag's damaged (perhaps this happens more often with softer lamb leather than calf leather)
  15. No no. I say return it. If you love the style to death, exchange it. If not, move on. There's a difference in "inherent variations" and weird spots/stains.....