Help with my Mulberry Alexa!!

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  1. Hello ladies...

    My 2nd Mulberry Alexa arrived today and I am beyond estatic about her. She is in an absolutely gorgeous shade of oak. I then proceed to inspect every inch of her as I inspect every inch of my Mulberry bags every time I get a new one. It is the first time that I noticed that the lock on the Alexa - The little twisty lock- seems a bit un secure... it looks like it can break very easily and can fall off at any given moment. Is that the case for all Alexas? I am new to Mulberry (even though I own 10 now ) so I have no idea if that is normal with the Alexas or not.

    I'm so scared to open and close the bag because I don't want the little twisty lock to fall off. I do love her so much but I don't want to hurt her. Also I took out my first Alexa, the black one in my avatar picture, and the little twisty lock seems to be the same way. It can't be such a coincidence that both of my Alexas have an un secure / almost broken lock right?
    I have no intentions to return the bag I just want to hear your input/advice or if I am worried over nothing.

    Also does anyone have any idea how much it cost to fix the lock if one day it does fall off?

    Thank you so much for your advice and your time to read this post!
  2. Hi lovemisa,

    Congratulations on your growing collection. The best thing would be to post a pic of the lock....then we can understand what your concern is and advise accordingly.
    Mulberry will replace a lock for around £40 (plus VAT) should it be necessary. Though if your bag is faulty and under warranty, they would replace it free...

  3. Moo has given good advice but I just wanted to add that it might be worth searching the forums as I'm sure there was a thread similar to this quite recently.
  4. Hi, I posted about this recently. The lock on my alexa was quite dodgy from new and felt as if it was going to come off and indeed it did a couple of weeks ago. Just twisted right off and fell to the ground. It has gone away for a free repair. Seems a little strange that so many alexas have this issue.