Help with my key holder please!! :)

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  1. Hello i'm a newbie!! :yes: And this is my first thread!! :nuts: Hope it's in the correct place. :tup: i own a few authentic LV pieces which i've bought off ebay to save some £££ on the retail price but looking to buy my first item from the store.

    I really really like the white MC or Azur key holder but can you guys tell me if it is practical?? Because of the colour? :confused1: Especially because it is something i will use everyday. I don't own any MC or Azur items :sad:. Or is it best to stick with the classic mono? BTW i'm a guy. Thanks everyone!! :heart::tup::wlae:
  2. i like the azure.
  3. They are both nice and you can't go wrong with either of them! Are you unsure about the colors because you're a guy? I think they are both fine and practical, but if you're unsure get the mono. Is there one you like better than the other? How about the Damier Ebene key holder?
  4. I think they're both amazing pieces! You'll love the in-store experience! :love:
  5. Both are awesome pieces dude! If you're concerned of the colors because you're a guy, get the Azur. The damier ebene would be awesome too. :tup:
  6. azur for me too..
  7. i vote classic mono it goes with anything and is timeless!
  8. I would go with the Azur or if you are unsure about that one, you can never go wrong with the classic Mono. :smile:
  9. black MC
  10. YEP!! there practical! i got the black epi one as a guy... luv it!
  11. Thanks for the advice everyone!! I'm not a huge fan or the Damier Ebene or epi!! Am i the only one who doesn't like the feel of the epi?? I do like the White MC but my mum has the White MC key holder :Push: i think i'll go with the mono, as you guys have said, you can never go wrong with it. Thanks again!!! :tup: :heart:
  12. very practical - I have MC key holder in black... love it!!!
  13. Hey guys I got the monogram key holder today! Thanks for everyones advice!
  14. Black multicolore :yes:
  15. I like Azur.