HELP with my Ivory/light Beige Dio Gaucho Bag!

  1. Okay...

    How do I clean the leather? I read somewhere saddle soap for leather but I am unsure. Since it is a very light color it has gotten very dirty from daily use. It is slightly greyish now because I do not know how to clean it.

    Can someone help me?? :crybaby:
  2. BABY WIPES ! and only that ! any leather cleaners, soaps will take the wax of the leather and it will lose its look wipes should be an often treat as well to remove dirt on ragular basis ...hope that helps :yes:
  3. ^ good to know Natalia - and I had to post here to tell you that I LOVE your new signature!!! :nuts: I am going to tell my DH just that the next time he asks about a "mysterious" charge!
  4. hihihi thank you hun ! :heart: it was "chocolate" in the original but i thought hey ! i know a better word than that ! :graucho:
  5. "Mysterious"...LOL!!!:roflmfao:
  6. because he doesnt know yet that he is just after getting a gift for his loving wonderful wife to thank her for being such a fantastic woman! :yes:

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  8. i like this one as well ...

    "im sure my next husband will be much more considerate when it comes to the cc bills ! :graucho: "
  9. Baby wipes do MIRACLES on leather, especially white leather
  10. Does it have to be Baby wipes? my cream mini Gaucho looks really grubby. I tried using cosmetic face wipes on the back of it and it seemed to take off the brown look it was getting but also the cream colour underneath!!

  11. hmmm i think you sort of answered your question hun :smile: ...i would say baby wipes are very delicate and dont have the stronger cleansing product that cosmetic wipes have ( baby ones only have to clean the skin and noursih it while most cosmetic ones are for removing make up as well - ergo they work stronger and deeper) :yes:
  12. I guess I did, think I was trying to say be wary!

    I have very sensitive skin and if I use Johnsons baby wipes my face stings and goes bright red, yet my Boots No 7 cleansing wipes are perfectly fine on my face but detrimental to the bag.

    Suppose I shouldn't really be comparing the skin on my face to the aged leather of the Gaucho :confused1:
  13. I used baby wipes on my old double saddle Gaucho before, and they were the fragrance free types from Huggies. They took away any color transfer without taking off the finish and color of the bag.