Help with my FIRST DIOR!! =)


Which bag should I get?

  1. Gaucho Leather Saddle

  2. Trotter Romantique Round Logo

  3. Neither! (Other suggestions?)

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  1. I am trying to decide on my first Dior purse!! I am torn between two bags but I can only get one! :sweatdrop:

    The first is the oh so famous gaucho saddle. I realize that I cannot afford to buy new so I was looking at the website I think a few members here have some experience with this website. Could you give me some feedback on it? I read somewhere that a member bought a purse from here that was advertised as new but actually had some defects.

    They have a used gaucho that I am eyeing for the right price of $395! Check it out! My concern about this is that I read that the magnetic button on the flap is supposed to be a old brass color but it looks like it is a new shiny nickel in the picture... is this a fake? Also can you guys give me your opinion on the condition?

    The second bag I am considering is the Trotter Romantique round logo. I really like the fact that it has two handles and its absolutely adorable! There is one that looks pretty good on eBay for a good price of $360...

    If the gaucho looks good to you guys I think I'm going to jump on that one! I've been dying for one since 06!

    Let me know what you all think! :tup:
  2. It sounds like you really have your heart set on the Gaucho. I know of girls in the Chanel subforum that have bought from Jill's consignment. :yes: I think it would maybe help if you emailed the store owner and asked for clearer pictures of the peeling that she mentioned in the listing.

    Good luck!
  3. I was at the Dior store in Short Hills, NJ the other day and they were having a pretty big sale up to 30% or 40% for similar styles, both the Romantique and the Gaucho I believe. You might want to check out your local Dior before buying online, maybe you'll be able to get what you want at a good price, straight from the source ;). Good luck and let us know what you pick!
  4. Thanks nataliam for the heads up! They have the denim gaucho at the orlando outlet but I would really prefer a leather one. Another bag that caught my eye was this one.

    I don't plan on buying from eBay because they do have this one at the Orlando outlet in white/brown and green. I'm just waiting for their call back now about the price! Its adorable! =)
  5. Personally for your first Dior I'd get something a little more timeless like a leather saddle (unless you have other bags you use daily). My leather saddle is the only bag I carry as a staple item.

  6. i totally agree that the leather gaucho is cooler than the denim one...and gaucho was my first Dior ...i :heart: it continuously for more than a year now :love:
  7. i would def go for the gaucho! 1000% i have my eye on a gaucho as well! i just bought a fendi bag from jills consignment and it is authentic and i am very pleased with it! i would ask jill for more detailed pics of the damage before you buy it!
  8. I emailed Jill's last night and they responded this morning saying they "don't have anymore pictures"... don't they have the purse? do they just not want to show me the damage on it? :s

    Do you guys know anywhere else I might be able to purchase a good condition used leather gaucho? :confused1:

    Now I think it between the gaucho and the flap romantique in the link I posted above. The romantique is $495 at the outlet... I don't like how there is going to be a price raise! =( Looks like I need to decide within the next two weeks or so...

  9. that is very weird because when i got got bag the return address was from their location in florida so they must have the bag right?:shrugs: i would def not get it since they wont show you any pics i would ask why they have a phone number
  10. I must be the odd one out. I love the romantique and would pick that over the gaucho
  11. I love both but I prefer the Gaucho over the round Romantique!

  12. this is ridiculous. Guess we all know to stay away from this woman for the future.

    If i were you i would wait for a deal on ebay coming up...there will be one for you i promise! :flowers: unless you really need to have it NOW and you love the romantique enough to snatch it before the price increase :yes:
  13. I agree with Nat! I too would wait and get a Gaucho later, but that is only because I think the Romantique is to cute for me to wear :smile:
  14. GOOD NEWS!!!!!!

    Well, I have come to a decision!! I thought about it alot yesterday and I emailed Jill's asking about the purse. I really am still puzzled as to why they won't send me any more pictures! I PMed jeslyn who as many of you know purchased the small gaucho that was on Jill's site only to find out that there was peeling on the strap. She told me that the purse was in great condition except for that small part on the strap. *thank you jeslyn for putting up with my bajillion questions!*

    I also found out that I would most likely not be able to put the romantique flap over my shoulder as the straps are just too short. I really was looking for a bag that I can throw over my shoulder sometimes just for convenience purposes. *thanks Dimple for your help!*

    I really love the style and color of the romantique flap that they have at the Orlando outlet!! Its so adorable but it doesn't quite meet my functionality requirements.

    I emailed Jill's last night and asked her if she could do $350 for the gaucho instead of $400 since she "has no pictures"... She emailed me back and said that it would be fine. She said that she would change the price when I emailed her so I emailed her as soon as I got home last night!! Unfortunately she must have left work because I waiting all night for her to email me back with the updated price on the site but the email never came :sad:

    She changed the price this morning and I paid as soon as possible. I figured that since the rest of the purse is in good condition, and I got a discount on it, I don't mind taking it to a shop to get the strap repaired. :yes: I hope she mails it out soon! I can't wait to see it!!

    Now for the bad news....

    I have an online business on eBay where I sell Coach products. I go to the Coach outlet every so often to pick up sale items then resell them. Its not a lot of money but its enough for a full time student to get a little bit of spending cash.

    I checked my email a few hours later to find that eBay had shut down my account!! I was shocked because I have never had any problems with them before!! They shut it down because they said that there was another account that was suspended that was associated with mine??? I don't know what to do!!:wtf:

    I had about 35 auctions that were up and set to end within the next week... It was supposed to bring in $1500 by the time they all ended... I've emailed them and I'm waiting for a response... My dad had his account suspended randomly a few months ago and it took him a whole month to get it reactivated!! I can't wait that long!!! I just checked my credit card and bank account... I only have $55 now that I've bought the gaucho!!! :wtf::wtf::wtf:

    One option I am considering is going back to the factory store to return the merchandies I was going to resell... I would get $800 back for it... Plus I had up for auction alot of my personal Coach pieces in order to pay for the gaucho... Now I have nothing!!! :crybaby:Gas costs alone would set me back another $80! =( I really hope they reactivate my account soon!! I don't know what I'm going to do with $55... :shrugs: